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This is the ultimate list of computer skills you should learn. Learning to use these computer skills will help you be a confident computer user. Remember that every year new viruses are introduced into the computer world and you do not want to be one of the people that gets infected.

Use the mouse: Use the mouse on your computer.

Do not use the keyboard to click on your mouse. The mouse allows you to move your mouse quickly and accurately. You do not want to trip up your computer because you did not use the mouse properly.

The keyboard is not always faster than the mouse: This is one of the most important computer skills you need to learn. As soon as you realize you are using the keyboard, you can move on to learning the mouse. You may be a better writer, or an entertainer than someone who can use the keyboard to click, but you will never be a good computer user. Start using the mouse for your tasks. You will be much more efficient with it in the future.

Your mouse is for clicking and not playing games: Yes, you have probably heard this all your life, but it should be reiterated constantly. While you are using the mouse, it is for typing and not playing video games or listening to music. You should look for a good-sized computer desk that will allow you to use both your mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Quick typing: There are many people who do not take the time to practice their typing speed. They do not know how to capitalize a letter, how to add an apostrophe, how to check a spelling mistake. Learning to use your mouse to spell is the quickest way to become a good computer user.

In this day and age, being a proficient computer user is a skill that most in the work force is expected to have. Although one is not expected to have the skill that an expert IT support professional possesses, to be skilled enough to tackle everyday office tasks is important.

Avoid keyboard confusion: One of the computer skills you need to be very good at is keyboard clarity. Your hands must get used to the layout of the keyboard and use the key combinations as they are intended. If you can master this skill, you will be more efficient on your computer.

Change of direction quickly: This is one of the most important computer skills you need to learn. Be able to move around the screen quickly and confidently. In order to master this skill, you should get some type of running form and do it daily.

The power of number crunching:

There are many complex tasks you can perform on a computer that require algebra. Many people are actually unable to do this task because they do not have this skill. For these people, there are online tutorials that can teach them to perform these types of calculations.

Learn the basics of basic usage: You can learn a lot about computers by knowing how to use your mouse. You can also download any type of software. These things are easy to get. But if you do not have the knowledge of using the computer, you will not be able to function effectively.

Learn about the use of graphics: You can use graphics for a lot of things in your computer. You can turn text into graphics, pictures and other things. This can be useful if you are involved in a graphic design project.

Use the proper software for the job: Many times you will not need a program to accomplish your job. But if you do need it, you should use the best program available for the job. You do not want to get stuck with programs that are poor quality and which are not easy to use.

  • You should learn all of the computer skills above in order to be successful.
  • Start now by learning to use your mouse and keyboard and practicing all of the other skills.
  • You will feel so much better once you start using your computer because you will no longer be stuck with the annoying letterboxes.